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Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Platform

Building on the expertise in growing stem cells from normal tissues using proprietary media and culture conditions, MacroGenics (through its 2008 acquisition of Raven Biotechnologies) has produced cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) from primary human tumor tissues. These CSCs have been generated in vitro from a range of solid tumor and hematological malignancies and many have demonstrated tumor growth and differentiation in vivo. This cutting-edge technology holds great promise in creating the next generation of oncology therapeutics that target both differentiated tumor cells and their precursor cells which traditionally have been resistant to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

An illustration of the underlying CSC hypothesis is set forth below.

CSC Platform Strategy

MacroGenics’ strategy has been to generate CSCs from a wide range of primary tumors, including prostate, colon, breast, lung and others. The company analyzes and characterizes the CSCs according to the following properties: (a) ability for self-renewal, (b) ability to differentiate into tumors with expected histological features, and (c) profile expression of genetic and protein stem cell markers.

To date, MacroGenics has created novel antibodies which target antigens on both CSCs and bulk tumor cells. In addition to their usage in the potential development of therapeutics, additional opportunities include usage in compound screening and diagnostics applications.

Monoclonal Antibodies to CSCs

MacroGenics has generated over 1,700 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to CSCs which have been screened histochemically for low binding to normal, non-malignant tissues. Many of these antibodies have been characterized for binding to primary tumors and cancer cell lines and the most promising are being developed into clinical candidates. This collection of antibodies is selective to both validated and novel cancer targets.

Program Status
MacroGenics is conducting preclinical research on several antibodies that target antigens expressed on CSCs. The company is expanding in vivo evaluation of CSC lines across multiple tumor types and is performing genetic and proteomic analyses of CSCs. MacroGenics expects to further validate its Cancer Stem-like Cell Program and move various mAbs discovered through this technology into advanced preclinical development in oncology disease indications. The company has built, and continues to build, a significant patent estate and know-how around its CSC platform.