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Platform Fact Sheets

 Cancer Stem-like Cells
 Fc Optimization


MacroGenics is pursuing alliances to participate in development of its proprietary product candidates and technology platforms.

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MacroGenics has several positions for full-time employment currently open .

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Antibody Technology Platforms

MacroGenics has developed three proprietary technology platforms that it uses to advance new products and improve on existing products to develop next-generation antibody therapeutics. MacroGenics’ unique set of competencies and next-generation antibody technologies have enabled it to build a proprietary pipeline of innovative product candidates for multiple indications.

MacroGenics’ three technology platforms include:


DART™ Platform

ual Affinity Re-Targeting (DART) molecules are multi-specific and capable of targeting two or more antigens simultaneously.  The DART platform has been specifically engineered to accommodate virtually any variable region sequence in a “plug-and-play” fashion.  MacroGenics’ DART therapeutics have high potency, stability and favorable manufacturability. 
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Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Platform

The cancer stem-like cell (CSC) hypothesis suggests that tumors are composed of heterogeneous cell types and the CSC populations are the fundamental drivers of cancer growth and metastasis. Using proprietary cell culturing techniques, MacroGenics has developed an extensive portfolio of tissue stem cells and CSCs. In turn, the company has created a significant library of purified and highly characterized antibodies, which are now positioned to move forward as development candidates. 
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Fc Optimization Platform

MacroGenics has applied its antibody engineering expertise to develop a powerful platform for optimizing monoclonal antibodies. By introducing certain mutations into the Fc domain of an antibody, MacroGenics is able to modulate antibody interaction with effector cells, which activate the body’s immune system. 
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