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Antibody Drug Conjugates

Example: vobramitamab duocarmazine

MacroGenics applies its understanding of disease biology, immune-mediated mechanisms and protein engineering capabilities to design specifically targeted antibody-based product candidates that leverage third-party proprietary linker payloads to drive selective killing.

Bispecific Checkpoints

Example: lorigerlimab

MacroGenics’ DART® and TRIDENT® multi-specific platforms enable the creation of potential medicines through recombinant molecules designed to simultaneously bind to two or more targets, each with antibody-like specificity, with the goal of creating a more significant biological effect than binding any one of the targets as with an antibody or even two or more of them separately as a combination.

MacroGenics leverages its proprietary DART platform to enable simultaneous targeting of multiple co-inhibitory receptors or checkpoints, such as those involved in inhibiting T-cell responses. Targeting two immunoregulatory pathways, such as two checkpoints in a single molecule, affords the clinical benefit of the combination together with the potential for improved efficacy and/or safety, as well as advantages in manufacturing, simplified clinical development and enhanced patient convenience.

Next Generation T-Cell Engagers

Example: MGD024

MacroGenics has extensive experience applying its proprietary multi-specific DART and TRIDENT platforms to develop molecules that redirect T-cell activation and killing which: (1) recognize and bind to structures expressed on a cancer cell, (2) recruit all types of cytotoxic, or cell killing, T cells, irrespective of their ability to recognize cancer cells, and (3) trigger T cell activation, expansion, and cell killing mechanisms to destroy a cancer cell.

MacroGenics’ next-generation T-cell engagers incorporate a CD3 component that is designed to minimize cytokine-release syndrome (CRS), a potentially life-threatening toxicity, while increasing the magnitude of antitumor activity with a longer half-life to permit intermittent dosing.

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