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Our cancer stem cell (CSC) technology provides new approaches to discover and identify cancer targets that are not susceptible to current cancer therapies. Cancer stem cells represent important potential targets in oncology drug development because they are theorized to be the basis for tumor re-growth, metastasis and resistance to much standard chemotherapy. The ability to specifically target and destroy cancer stem cells could potentially address an unmet medical need in many hard-to-treat cancers today. Using our CSC technology, we can create antibodies that could target or kill cancer stem cells.

Building on our expertise in growing stem cells from normal tissues using proprietary media and culture conditions, we have produced CSCs from a range of primary human tumor tissues, including those derived from the colon, lung and ovary. We analyze and characterize the CSCs for a number of different criteria. To date, we have created novel antibodies that target antigens on both CSCs and the bulk differentiated tumor cells, which are derived from the CSCs.

We have generated over 2,700 monoclonal antibodies that we have screened by immunohistochemistry (IHC) for lower binding to normal, non-malignant tissues. Many of these antibodies have been characterized for binding to primary tumors and cancer cell lines and we are developing the most promising of these antibodies into product candidates. This collection of antibodies is selective for both validated and novel cancer targets.

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